Gas Station LED Lighting Options


Which gas station would you prefer to go to at night; the dimly lit station that sells unleaded for $2.48 or the ultra bright station that sells the same gas for $2.60? See, when it comes to safety, customers are willing to pay higher prices. That’s what our LED gas station lighting can do for you.

How Does It Work?

Fluorescent lighting isn’t very bright even at it’s fullest capacity. Our LED products shine as bright as the sun.

Customers are looking to feel safe while pumping gas at night. They don’t want to have to get out of their cars and hope no one sneaks up on them. They want to see everything, and our LED lighting for gas stations can do that.

Did We Mention It Saves You Money?

Our customers save a couple thousand dollars a month on average. Your lights are running all night long, and those fluorescent bulbs are not only burning more electricity, but they die faster. That means more maintenance fees. Over time, that adds up.

Our gas station LED lighting lasts much longer than traditional fluorescent lighting, requires less maintenance, and allows your customers to feel extremely safe. It’s a trifecta of money making.

Want To Know How Much You Can Save?

At American Sign and Lighting, we want to give you the best products for your environment. When you call us, our agents will be able to assess the situation and maximize your savings. 

Ready to see how much you can save? Give us a call for a free quote!