LED Lighting Solutions For Manufacturing & Warehousing

Ill-lit warehouses and manufacturing plants are grounds for injuries. Don’t want to deal with it? We can help while also saving you tons of money. Check out why you should switch to LEDs in your warehouses and plants below.

Why Choose LEDs?

Not only is worker safety due to lighting completely elliminated when switching to LEDs, but you’ve got tons of lights in and around your building. You’ve got a parking lot for your workers and customers to park. All of those bulbs are burning holes in your wallet. Can you feel it?

Our LEDs save our customers thousands of dollars a month, and we’ll do the same for you. LED lights cost less to run than traditional fluorescent lighting. They also don’t burn out as quickly, saving you on maintenance fees.

Want To Know How Much You Could Save?

Savings are abundant when making the switch to LEDs. You’ll see payoffs in as little as two years (on average). Your investment will literally pay for itself for years to come. 

When you give us a call, our representatives will assess your current lighting situation and calculate how much you can save. Then they will give you options of how you can better light your buildings, how to maximize savings, and payment options. And they do all of this for free.

There’s no obligation, and we don’t offer you deals unless we know we can provide you awesome savings. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Ready to help your customers feel safer while saving you tons of money? We can help. At American Sign and Lighting we strive to provide the best, highest-quality products and services that are tailored for your needs. Give us a call today for a free quote and to see exactly how much you can save.