LED Solutions For Municipal Buildings

How many bulbs do you have in and around your buildings? We bet it’s a lot. Now how much can you save by switching to LED lighting for your municipal buildings and parking lots? Here’s a hint: A TON!

How Can I Save By Switching?

LEDs have been around long enough to be manufactured reliably. They’ve always been a better lighting solution, but now you can rest easy knowing they will maintain their brightness and longevity.

LED lighting lasts longer than fluorescent bulbs, which saves on maintenance costs. They cost less to run per bulb, and last much longer. It’s almost insane not to switch!

Creating A Safer Environment

Some of your workers have to work late. When they walk out of your building, they want to know that they are in a safe area. Well-lit LED lighting can provide that. 

Your workers will enjoy knowing that they can see anything while being under the light provided by LEDs.

Our Representatives Can Help You Save!

At American Sign and Lighting, we aren’t satisfied with providing mediocre service. We want to get you the best lighting options for the best price around. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality parts, so you can be sure that you are getting an excellent product that will last.

Want to know how much you can save? Give us a call! Our representatives will provide you with a free estimate that is tailored to your specific lighting needs.