LED Parking Lot Lighting

75%. That’s how much our LED lights can save you. We sell the best of the best, and stand by our parking lot lighting. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your visitors.

Why Choose LED Parking Lot Lights?

That number above wasn’t a joke. Our bulbs and fixtures are manufactured to outlast standard fluorescent lighting. LEDs are brighter and cost less to run. They require much less maintenance. You’ll save on man hours to replace and maintain them, and your electric bill will be significantly less. 

Your Customers Will Thank You

It’s pitch black. Your customers are just now leaving the store. If only they could see their car, that would make them feel much better. They remember that feeling of uncertainty and always remember that your store was ill-lit at night. That hurts business.

LED lighting can help customers feel safe. They are much brighter than fluorescent bulbs, which allows for your entire parking lot to be illuminated. When they need to go somewhere and it’s night, they’ll come to you. Because no one wants to be afraid while out and about.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Ready to help your customers feel safer while saving you tons of money? We can help. At American Sign and Lighting we strive to provide the best, highest-quality products and services that are tailored for your needs. Give us a call today for a free quote and to see exactly how much you can save.